Charlestown, SC by younglovemedia

Hey all! We’ll be in Charleston, South Carolina July 31 - August 2. We’d absolutely LOVE to book some sessions while where there and are offering $100 off for all portrait sessions: couples, families, maternity, breastfeeding, whatever! we are down! To book, reach out to us on IG or email us at younglovemedia [at] gmail [dot] com. Let’s set something up!

Christmas Mini-Sessions: The Jones' Twins by younglovemedia

This was our second time photographing these twins.  John and Nora are always a joy to capture- between Nora's beautiful and deep eyes and John's joyful smiles it's basically a photographer's dream.  Sure, they like to move but what toddler doesn't?  It's our pleasure to capture them in as natural way as possible and we love their energy!  

Natasha, Eliza and Phoebe by younglovemedia

We are finally updating the blog with some recent photo sessions.  I'm not sure there is a better way to start than with these three sisters: Natasha, Eliza and Phoebe.  They have an incredible dynamic and it made for such an easygoing and fun session.   It didn't feel like "work" at all and we had such a wonderful time cracking jokes, exploring the area and taking photos.  In fact, these are some of my favorite photos!  

Dai + Connor by younglovemedia

We were asked to photograph a small and intimate wedding.  Jimmy knew Dai from his days as a Starbuck's barista and had kept in touch through the years.  We were honored that she thought of us to capture her wedding, especially since she knew this would be our first wedding!  I can say that because the photos came out stunning, but honestly, they are a gorgeous couple so it wasn't that difficult. ;)  


New Beginnings. by younglovemedia

West Milford. Population, 25,800. Trees, lakes, and a shop rite. It's a long way from Santa Cruz, California, - over 3,000 miles of a long way -  but after just about 4 years on the west coast we've found ourselves back in the state of our birth. We're always reinventing, remastering, reemerging to this life. We want to capture it all. From this place we begin, and we begin again. Thirsty for all that this beautiful landscape offers our souls we want to keep alive that spirit of invitation, drawing new friendships, new projects, new art, and new soul to ourselves. We want to overflow with it all and give out of our abundance.  That's what images mean to us, that's what still images and moving pictures mean. It's not just a way to capture but our means of participating with it all. 

We're happy to be here. We want to spread that love. 

- J