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Photo by Matt & Tish


About YLM


Since 2014 YLM has been exclusively a husband + wife photography team focusing on the beauty of ordinary life and committed to immortalizing the magic in the mundane. Our favorite thing is finding the divine in all things. Family life has been the engine of transcendence and joy for us and we bring that perspective to all we do.  

We live in northern New Jersey with our 3 gorgeous model-sons: Elliot, Asher, and August where they teach us far more than we teach them. We spend as much time as we can outside playing and looking for bugs and birds.

Aside from being a photographer Dani is a kick-ass mom, a talented and emotive poet, and a fierce advocate for women. And Jimmy is a gifted writer and musician, incredible illustrator and fantastic father committed to seeing other fathers encourage one another in raising their kiddos. 

(Awww, we wrote for each other - s'cute!)

We are huge fans of Morrissey, Mary Oliver, Studio Ghibli, vinyl records, old book stores, vintage bmx, steering wheel drum solos, tear-jerking documentaries, 80's new wave, 90's everything, and plant-based living. 


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all we have is the ordinary

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